Sala Muncunill - EspaiDos - Barcelona, 2014

The project Activissime falls within the artist’s reflection about the political and civil activism. It follows on from La Estrategia (Palais de Tokyo, 2012) and it is linked with Reddish Blue (D+T Project Gallery, Brussels, 2014).
Ivan Argote was invited in 2011 at MAC/VAL museum to conceive a workshop for children. The artist asked the children to choose a theme of protest with slogans for the demonstration. The children responded with various ideas : from political messages to love messages, passing through declarations such as “sleep more to be less tired”. Each child could use a megaphone and the protest took place all around the museum.
In 2013, when the result of the workshop was shown in Barcelona, Argote decided to transcribe a phone conversation he had with his mother about the project. It is interesting to note that the artist parents were teachers and activists in Colombia during the 1960’s and 70’s. The artist was influenced by a picture of his father teaching a class of children how to be good activists, for the project Reddish Blue.
In 2014, Argote conceived another workshop in Barcelona. This time the children were asked to create objects, texts and paintings for the protest. The artist then made an exhibition composed of installations with the children’s creations, as well as statements from the previous workshop in Paris.