Protest workshop for children.
Ongoing project since 2011

"Activissime" is a series of protest workshops for children from 4 to 8 years old, that tries to develop critical thinking notions through language games and joyful demonstrations. We also encourage the empowerment of the voice and the appropriation of public spaces. "Activissime" has been reactivated more than 30 times in different venues, collaborating with schools and art structures such as biennials, museums, art centers and film festivals in different cities and countries since 2011.

The Zinsou Foundation hosted the last version in early July, where we worked with a group of 40 children. It was particularly special, not only for the amazing response of the children but also because of the current political climate in Benin, where it’s completely forbidden and punished to protest. Thanks to the Zinsou Foundation and the spirit of the project we were allowed to make several interventions in different public spaces in the city.
This project was also supported by BIENALSUR.