Cubriendo con espejos a Francisco de Orellana, supuesto descubridor del Amazonas. Parque Nacional, Bogotá. Photo Series, 2012 - 2018

During the shooting of the film La Estrategia, Argote used as a narrative strategy to make actual interventions in different monuments and squares around the city with the all crew that became a sort of intervention team.
In this case the group covered with mirrors a statue of Francisco de Orellana that is in the National Park in Bogota, in the city center. Orellana was a conquistador who proclaimed himself to be the discoverer of the all Amazonian Forest, which in itself an absurdity.
A cube of mirrors was placed around the statue making Orellana disappear in a sort of mirage, where instead of seen him, we see the trees around, the sky… everything else that is not that old absurd hero.

Several of the works made around this film where acquired recently by the Centre Pompidou, including also other series named Turistas.
These works will be shown in June 2020 in the Museum as part of a new hanging of the permanent collection, in a show named Global Resistance.

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