Excerpt 2’51"


Video, 21’27", 2016

Deep in the English countryside, the government has preserved an apple tree, supposedly the very same from which Isaac Newton’s apple fell from. This image of the falling apple giving the idea of the law of universal gravitation has been reproduced, vulgarized, reused, commercialized, etc., and yet the actual story doesn’t come from Newton himself : thirty years after his death a biographer claimed it as an anecdote Newton once shared with him. And as for this protected apple tree, it is not sure that it is the actual tree mentioned in that anecdote. Fructose takes this as starting point to generate a poetic and surrealist documentary about the images that science produces and their impact on our own understanding of the world. Equally at play are interrogations of the ideology behind what we call “scientific knowledge” and its relationship with the notion of truth.

2016 : "Special Mention Promotional Award", International Competition, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur, Winterthur, CH