If hunger is law rebellion is justice, sleep more to be less tired

Installation, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, 2016

Concrete, wood, steel, paint, 450 x 250 x 18 cm
Video Activissime !, 2015, 21’22"
Video La Estrategia, 2012, 33’33"

The perforated wall by Ivan Argote becomes a carrier for two political slogans and a film that depicts the way these came into being. One side of the wall features the film Activissime !, which documents children’s workshops in political and citizen activism organized by the artist since 2011. The film has a very strong biographical dimension, manifesting the roots of Argote’s political mindset. Argote was raised in a similar way in Colombia in the 1960s and 1970s by his parents — members of the communist guerrilla movement supported by Catholic priests (liberation theology). The slogan on the wall was invented by protesting children : “Sleep More to Be Less Tired.” According to Argote, it is very relevant to the contemporary world, where capitalism forces us to work more and more, conquering broader and broader areas of our private life, such as
sleep. The other side of the perforated wall is devoted to the project La Estrategia, which concentrates in a similar way on building a continuation between the 1960s and 1970s and today. The work pertains to secret revolutionary groups from that era, similar to those in which his parents were active. Argote focused on documenting simple and powerful slogans that were able to organize social anger, encourage people to form groups, and mobilize them to take action. The slogan on the wall reads : “If Hunger is Law, Rebellion is Justice.”

Excerpt from the exhibition catalogue.