La puesta en marcha de un sistema

Solo show - adn galeria - Barcelona, 2015

In La puesta en marcha de un sistema (Setting up a system) the empirical and the speculative intertwine in order to build relationship systems within a sphere in which Argote appropriates, analyses, recycles and deconstructs ideological and historical filters.
Focusing on a series of specific cases that revolve around the global and the everyday, the Colombian artist develops a work that draws on the deconstructive method to question, in line with Derrida’s thinking, the authority of images and language and to affirm the need for memory. Hence the constant reference to personal experiences, everyday gestures, political fantasies, facts and actions, which creates a complex system of interactions between the contemporary and the inherited structures of the past ; a system sometimes full of ritual and collective habits.
The project that bears the exhibition’s title, La puesta en marcha de un sistema (2015), consists of a series of compositions which assemble documents, photographs and gelatine silver prints belonging to the artist’s personal archive.
Propaganda images from different periods and countries are interwoven with pages from photography books, political slogans, portraits and geometric shapes, creating a three-dimensional assembly and generating new associations and layers of reading the very history that they contain.
The exhibition space is conceived as a narrative system in which objects, collages, films and archive materials are reactivated and provide us with new stories. The scenography presented by Iván Argote blends visual and historical filters and displays images that reflect on the relationship of human beings with art, philosophy and politics. Following Jacques Rancière in Le Destin des Images, "Art is alive whenever it is outside itself, forming ’scenes of distortion.’”