Reddish Blue

Solo show - DT Project - Brussels, 2014

Reddish Blue is an exhibition/project based on a rumour associated with the history of George Eastman’s Kodak company, and its switch from Kodachrome to Ektachrome. This was allegedly done for ideological reasons : in the late 1960’s they realised that Kodachrome pictures turned reddish with time, and in the context of Cold War decided that the United States’ archives could not end up with the enemy’s color, and so developed the Ektachrome process, in which pictures eventually turn blue.

The exhibition space is conceived as a narrative and speculative system in which collages and reconstructed archives tell new stories. The pictures used for the collages are extracted from specialized photography books, propaganda and newspapers from the time. Pieces of concrete arches, and other architectural elements are present in the space.