A world without you, 2016
A world without you, 2016 - details
La Venganza del amor, 2017
Reddish blue memories, 2014
See ?, it’s true, 2015
The hidden persuaders, 2015
Versions, versions, versions, 2017
Versions, versions, versions, 2017 - details
We own our time, 2017
We own our time, 2017


Series since 2014

"Setting up a system" is a speculation system that explores historical filtering and relations between image and ideology.
Specialized photography books from the late 1960s, science diagrams, propaganda, school books, advertisements, copies from 1960s, 1970s and 1980s newspapers, among other kinds of material, are here modified with laser cuts of textures, patterns, drawings and texts.
These almost-destroyed archives hang on steel structures, overlapping to create different layers and frictions of references.