Video commission, curated by Babel Media Art, Torre Colpatria, Bogotá, CO

Si mi sol, 2018
Intervention for a led screen that covers the 4 sides of the Torre Colpatria (196 meters high), curated by Babel Media Art, Torre Colpatria, Bogotá, CO

"Si mi sol" ("Yes my Sun") is a poem that scrolls on the facades on one of the most emblematic building of the city of Bogota, named Torre Colpatria. The text takes the shape of a love message which talks about emancipation and empowerment.

Some slogans, such as "Yes love, we are strong", "No love, we are not afraid, of anything my life", are threading on the façades in a soft and tender tone, and at the same time, generating statements that could also be read as political.

This intervention is a continuation of a poster campaign saying “WE ARE TENDER”, that Argote disseminated anonymously in the 7 most important cities of Colombia for about a year. These posters were a sort of open question that Argote wanted to infiltrate in the urban landscape. Are Colombians tender ? The invitation to make an intervention to the building came after, and the plan was simply to expand the purpose and content.