Outdoor installation - BIENALSUR - Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá (MAMBO) -
Bogota, 2017

Somos Tiernos Eternos, 2017
740 x 560 x 210 cm

Somos Tiernos is a large steel sculpture (5,6 x 7,4 m), which takes the form of a billboard in which we can read both "Somos Tiernos" (We are Tender) and "Eternos » (Eternal). Unlike conventional billboard, it is not printed, but the texts are perforated on the metal that serve as a support for it, while allowing the text to breathe and see the landscape around, in the specific case of this installation : the mountains of Bogota on one side and the city on the other one. The slowly oxidized steel accumulates in texture and gives more and more an air of ruin.

The purpose of this installation is to call out to those who cross the Carrera Séptima, probably the most emblematic street of the city, which connects the historical center, the north and the south. Call them to mind with this politico-affective slogan. A frank statement that runs into an aggressive and polarizing language that balances the country between the desire for peace, fear and sadly for some, the desire for war to continue. For a few months now, as the front room of this project, I have anonymously ran an urban poster campaign by seven cities in the country, with this statement : "Somos Tiernos", and I began to see various reactions. Many adhere to the idea, for some it is more a desire for hope and others leave the question open. The installation works as well as an anchor, as a magnetic element that will focus the attention of those who are already beginning to familiarize themselves with the message.