The Messengers - Trailer Clip

The Messengers

Video, 29’40’’, 2014

The Messengers follows Gaby and Blaine, two young Americans with a particular political and intellectual background, wandering two small “historical” towns, one in Colombia (Mompox) and the other in the south of Spain (Arcos de la Frontera). History, politics, voices, folklore, landscapes and architecture create a complex atmosphere for this conversation that oscillates between the philosophical and personal, while also highlighting frictions of tones, accents, origins and contexts.

Main cast & credits

Title : The Messengers
Written and directed by : Iván Argote
Cast : Blaine O’Neil, Gabriela Van Auken, Tato Marenco, Tomás de Perrate, Amador Gabarri, Familia Perrate, Don Abundio y sus Traviesos.
Country of production : France
Date of completion : March 2014 (Visa in 2015)
Produced by : Audi Talents Awards
Executive producers : Carolina Olivares - CO producciones Spain
Delphine Gay - Audi Talents Awards - France
Distribution : Gaelle Jones - Perspective Films - France
Director of photography : Laura Isabel Vargas, Victor Zebo, Iván Argote
Video editor : Yann Chapotel, Iván Argote
Sound mix : Bruno Ehlinger - Studios Anna Sanders PARIS
Sounds technicians : Andrés Perilla, Adrià Martí, Roger Cuixart
Production Assistant : Albert Kuhn, Ricardo Gómez
Post-production : Yann Masson

Technical Specifications

Running time : 30 minutes
Festival screening format : 3D DCP, screen Ratio : 1:1.78
Originally shot in : Video HD, digital 2k